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Get ahead of the competition and stay up to date with the automotive industry’s latest advancements! Read through these actionable car dealership trends in 2024.


Do you remember when customers used to come to your showroom and be amazed by the variety of vehicles? They would trust your salespeople to help them. Those were simpler times.

Today, the digital age has directed informed customers who often know what they want before stepping into your dealership. The increase in electric cars, online shopping, and changing shopping habits can feel overwhelming. You have to quickly adjust.

But here’s the silver lining: With change comes opportunity. PwC says the car industry is changing a lot in technology, customers, and sales. Selling and relating to customers are changing. Those who adapt will succeed.

Are you feeling the pressure of these changes? You’re not alone. Instead of seeing challenges, let’s see them as chances to grow, innovate, and lead.

Dive into this blog piece on the “10 Latest Car Dealership Trends to Follow” to navigate these turbulent waters. We’ve got insights, strategies, and a roadmap tailored just for you. Let’s redefine the future of car dealerships together.

10 Car Dealership Industry Trends for 2024

1. Digital Retailing Evolution:

Times are changing, and so are the customer’s shopping experiences. But here’s the silver lining: this digital wave? It’s not a threat; it’s an opportunity. Let’s navigate these digital waters together!

The Shift Towards Online Car Sales:

Remember when car dealerships relied solely on foot traffic and local ads? Those strategies still have their place, but online sales are a new player in town. 

By taking the inventory online, you are not just waiting for customers to walk in; You are reaching out to them right where they are – on their screens. And trust me, it’s a game-changer! 

With online platforms, your dealership isn’t just a local name anymore; it’s a global one. You can now connect with car enthusiasts from different cities, states, or countries. The world, as they say, is our oyster.

The next is the “Omnichannel Sales Process.” Let’s say a customer started their inquiry on a call, switched to email, and finally visited the showroom. With an omnichannel approach, you can ensure they get a consistent experience every step of the way. It’s like giving them a personalized tour, no matter where they are.

This isn’t just about making sales; it’s about learning. Tracking interactions across platforms gives a clearer picture of your customers’ preferences. 

  • Which cars are getting the most attention? 
  • What time do inquiries peak? 

These insights help refine your strategies and serve customers better.

Enhancing the Online Car-Buying Experience:

  • Tailored Suggestions: With the power of AI, your platforms can now offer personalized car recommendations based on a customer’s browsing history. It’s like having a seasoned salesperson guiding them, but digitally.
  • Building Trust with Transparency: You have all faced those skeptical customers, wary of hidden costs. By offering transparent pricing online and breaking down every detail, you are not just making a sale but building trust.

So, while the digital realm might seem daunting, it’s filled with opportunities. By embracing the digital retailing evolution, you are not just keeping up with the times but setting the pace. 

2. Data-Driven Salespeople:

Salespeople often try to find out the question before the customers ask. Most salespeople have been there. But here’s the good news: the age of guesswork is over. Welcome to the era of data-driven sales. Let’s dive into how this can revolutionize your dealerships!

Utilizing Data Analytics to Understand Customer Preferences:

 You know your customers’ names, contact details, and their preferred car colour. But what if you could learn more? Which cars have they been eyeing online, or how often have they visited your website? With data analytics, it’s possible.

Also, you can easily spot trends with data. Have you ever noticed a sudden spike in interest for a particular car model? Or a drop in inquiries for another? Data analytics helps spot these trends in real time, allowing you to adjust your strategies and stock accordingly.

Imagine being able to predict which cars are likely to be hot sellers in the coming months. Sounds like a superpower, right? With the right data tools, it’s entirely possible.

One of the best ways to get the exact data about your customers is by using the perfect CRM for automobile dealers

Personalised sales approaches based on customer data

So, fellow dealership leaders, it’s time to embrace the power of data. By equipping your sales teams with data-driven from the best CRM tools, you are not just staying ahead of the curve but drawing it.

3. Rise in Digital Automobiles:

Gone are the days when vehicles were just about horsepower and fuel efficiency. Today, they’re practically computers on wheels. Let’s dive into this digital transformation and see how it’s reshaping the industry!

The Integration of Digital Interfaces and Smart Technology in Vehicles:

  • Smart Dashboards:  Cars now have interactive hubs, offering everything from GPS navigation to real-time traffic updates. And customers? They’re loving it!
  • Voice Commands & AI Assistants: “Hey, car, play my favorite song.” Sounds futuristic? It’s happening right now. With integrated AI assistants, drivers can control various car functions, get updates, and even set hands-free reminders.
  • Safety First: Advanced sensors, lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking – the list goes on. Smart technology isn’t just about convenience; it’s making driving safer than ever.
 Enhancing the driving experience with digital touchpoints

So, dear dealership leaders, the rise in digital automobiles isn’t just a trend; it’s the future. And as these tech marvels roll into your showrooms, you must understand, embrace, and showcase these advancements.

4. AR/VR Experience:

AR/VR experience in car dealerships

AR/VR is evolving in every space possible, and car dealerships are no exception. 

Potential buyers can use AR to see a life-sized car model by pointing their smartphones or tablets at an open space. They can walk around it, zoom in on features, and even see what it looks like in different colors. It’s like bringing the showroom to them! 

VR might transport users to a virtual world, but AR integrates digital elements into the real world. Customers can use their screens to see a car’s appearance in their driveway or garage.

You can provide virtual test drives and immersive vehicle showcases. Let’s see how the future holds with AR/VR together. 

  • Drive Before You Buy: With VR headsets, customers can take a car for a spin without ever leaving the showroom. They can experience how it feels on the highway, city, or winding country roads, all while sitting comfortably in your dealership.
  • Immersive Showcases: Imagine a customer exploring the interior of a luxury SUV, feeling the leather seats, hearing the surround sound system, and experiencing the panoramic sunroof – all before the car even arrives in your inventory. With VR, this level of immersion is possible.
  • Customization Previews: Want to show customers how their chosen add-ons or color preferences would look on their desired car? AR and VR allow customers to see their custom cars before making final choices.

5. Multi-Channel Marketing:

Multi-channel ads for car dealerships

From scrolling through social media to reading blogs to watching videos, customers consume content across multiple platforms. And here’s the golden opportunity: reaching out to them wherever they are. Let’s dive into the dynamic world of multi-channel marketing!

Engaging Customers Across Various Platforms:

  • Social Media Savvy: Customers tweet, post, and share daily. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter aren’t just for selfies and memes; they’re powerful tools to showcase the latest cars, share customer testimonials, and even announce flash sales.
  • Email Excellence: Think email is old school? Think again! With personalized newsletters, you can keep the customers in the loop about upcoming launches, special offers, and dealership events. And the best part? It’s direct communication, right to their inbox.
  • Video Ventures: Platforms like YouTube and TikTok are booming. Why not leverage them? From virtual car tours to behind-the-scenes looks at your dealerships, videos can offer an engaging peek into your world.

The Significance of a Unified Brand Presence:

  • Consistent Messaging
  • Building Trust
  • Efficient Analytics

So, dealership leaders, multi-channel marketing isn’t just a trend; it’s the way forward. Being where your customers are and offering a consistent brand experience is not just making sales but building lasting relationships. 

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6. Data Security in Dealerships:

In an age where data is as valuable as gold, businesses have a new responsibility. Beyond selling cars and offering top-notch service, you are now guardians of the customers’ data. 

The Importance of Protecting Consumer Data:
  • Trust is Everything: When customers share their details with a business– be it their address, financial information, or even their car preferences – they’re placing immense trust in your hands. Protecting this data isn’t just about compliance; it’s about honouring that trust. 
  • Reputation at Stake: Have you ever heard horror stories of brands facing backlash due to data breaches? It’s not just about the immediate financial loss. A violation can tarnish the reputation, affecting customer loyalty and future sales.
  • Competitive Edge: What sets a business apart in a market where multiple dealerships offer similar cars and deals? Offering a secure environment for customer data can be a unique selling point, assuring customers they’re safe.
Best Ways for Better Data Security
  • Staying Updated: Regulatory standards aren’t static; they evolve. Whether it’s GDPR, CCPA, or any other data protection regulation, staying updated and compliant is non-negotiable. It’s not just about avoiding fines; it’s about setting industry standards.
  • Training and Awareness: It’s not enough for the top brass to be aware of these regulations. Every team member, from sales to customer support, should be trained on the importance of data security and the role they play in it.
  • Plan for the Worst: While all hope for the best, having a robust response plan for potential breaches is crucial. Quick response, transparent communication, and corrective measures can mitigate the damage and rebuild customer trust.

7. The Future of Fuel: Electric and Hydrogen:

Hydrogen vs Electric vehicles

EVs for the Future

The demand for EVs is skyrocketing. Consumers are not just looking for speed and style; they’re seeking sustainability. And electric cars? They’re ticking all the right boxes. 

Also, many governments are rolling out tax breaks, rebates, and incentives for EV buyers. For dealers, this means a golden opportunity to boost sales and cater to eco-conscious consumers.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells as an Alternative Power Source:

Imagine a car powered by hydrogen emitting nothing but water vapour. Sounds dreamy? 

Hydrogen fuel cells are making this dream a reality. While they’re still in the early stages, the buzz is undeniable.

Just like EVs, hydrogen cars need their refuelling stations. While the initial investment is significant, the long-term benefits – both environmental and economic – are promising.

8. Innovative Online Marketing Strategies:

From catchy TikTok videos to influencer shoutouts, the online marketing playbook is expanding. It’s time to think outside the traditional ad box. 

The Role of Third-Party E-Commerce Platforms and Social Media Influencers is increasing.

Platforms like CarGurus, AutoTrader, and even Amazon are becoming hotspots for car enthusiasts. Listing the inventory on these third-party e-commerce platforms can amplify the reach and tap into a broader audience. 

Coming to influencers, remember when endorsements were all about celebrities? Enter social media influencers. Influencers can give your cars the spotlight they deserve with dedicated followers and authentic content. Whether it’s a YouTube review or an Instagram story during a test drive, influencers bring credibility and buzz.

The beauty of influencers? It’s not just about showcasing the cars; it’s about engaging stories, genuine experiences, and relatable content. It’s less “ad” and more “add value.”

9. High-Tech Showrooms:

Picture this: Customers walk in and are greeted by sleek digital kiosks where they can browse car catalogues, compare models, and even customize their dream car on a touchscreen. It’s like having a digital salesperson ready 24/7.

Also, with AR, customers can point their tablets or AR glasses at a car in your showroom and instantly see real-time specs, features, and even color options overlaid. It’s interactive, informative, and downright cool.

Another smart idea is “Smart Lights.” Think of lights that adjust based on the time of day or even the mood you want to set. Highlighting a newly launched car? Let’s spotlight it. Are you hosting an evening event? Ambient lighting can set the perfect mood.

One of the best features you can add is feedback stations. After exploring the showroom, customers can leave feedback, suggestions, or inquiries on interactive feedback stations. It’s a goldmine of insights, helping continuously elevate the showroom experience.

The showroom of the future is high-tech, interactive, and designed to dazzle. By blending the best of technology with top-notch cars, you can offer customers a memorable and share-worthy experience. 

10. The Rise of Pre-Owned Vehicle Sales:

Let’s face it, who doesn’t love a good deal? With certified pre-owned vehicles, customers get the best of both worlds: a car in top-notch condition without the brand-new price tag. It’s like getting a nearly-new car but at a fraction of the cost.

Gone are the days when buying a used car was a gamble. With certified pre-owned programs, cars undergo rigorous inspections, ensuring they meet high standards. Plus, with warranties often thrown into the mix, customers can drive off with confidence.

The Appeal of the Latest Automotive Technologies in Used Cars:
  • Tech Without the Hefty Price: Dreaming of advanced safety features, infotainment systems, or even just a sunroof? Many pre-owned cars come loaded with these features, offering customers the latest tech without breaking the bank.
  • Broadening Horizons: With the rapid pace of automotive innovation, even a car that’s a couple of years old can offer cutting-edge technology. This means customers can explore a wider range of options, finding the perfect tech-loaded gem that fits their budget.
  • Showcasing Evolution: Auto showrooms can tell a story of automotive evolution. By showcasing used cars with advanced tech, It’s not just selling a vehicle; you’re offering a glimpse into the journey of car innovation.


Alright, dealership dynamos, let’s park for a moment and reflect. 🚗✨ From the surge in pre-owned vehicle sales to the tech wonders in your showrooms, the automotive landscape is shifting gears at lightning speed.

And here’s the deal: It’s not just about selling cars anymore; it’s about crafting experiences, building trust, and driving innovation.

Remember, in this digital age, data is the fuel that powers your strategies. Every customer interaction, every sale, every showroom visit – they’re all valuable data points. And with tools like CRM, you’re not just collecting this data; you’re harnessing it to understand the customers better, predict trends, and steer the dealerships toward success.

So, what’s the roadmap ahead? Stay informed. Embrace change. And most importantly, be adaptable. The automotive world is vast and ever-evolving, but with the right insights and a finger on the pulse of these trends, the road ahead is promising.

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